Thursday, April 19, 2018

Save Your Water...

Play it Again Tom!


Tomorrow will come...

with a whole New Light...

The Pain will never leave...

It's grip is too tight...

Friday, March 9, 2018

I Don't Care...Turn it UP!

I Don't Care !

For The Sweetest Hubby

*** So Long As You Love Me  ***

Then I'm  doin' fine



are the biggest part 

of my world   :)

Luv Ya

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fat Tuesday in Arkansas

I can not 

take the meds

for my


Yes Yes Yes

I have been living my days

as if they are the last

and NO regrets here


Tons of Epic Memories


When the Steroids quit working

Chemo is the next step

Yea, kill the immune system

Sounds Scary to me!

I'm not for it myself

but what do I know

My Sweet Husband 

is so good to me!

Call it what you want

But I say it's B S

I've been doing good 

to get through each day

Swollen Lymph

on this current Flare

But these Rheumatoid Nodules
are at the worst I've ever had

Dang they are Ugly too


I am learning new limits


 it pisses me off 


I've done this before

and before

and before.

Life is too busy right now


It is all Worldly Things

taking up time 

that we can not ignore

because work is how we survive


Family possessions

hold many memories!

My ChevyMan

gave me an early 

Valentine's gift today

(I love it)


off he went again!

He made a weekend trip 

to Oakridge TN

and now 

he is on his third trip 

to  Biloxi.

My body doesn't travel well.

He did say he would take me next trip

because the long hauls will be over

and it will be a time to 

Visit Family and Friends!

I look forward to the break

I can't wait to see you


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Moon Rise and Set



Here is the Sun Rise

These photos below 

I used a filter


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Midnight Sun

This Midnight Sun

keeps rising

Glowing Rock Ranch

and setting

on this beautiful place 

we call home.

Look and see 

The Full Wolf Moon

On the first day of my New Year

bringing Closeness 


 Loads of Fun.

We let our Inner Wolves Howl

at such a Super Moon!

Like an Eye 

Hanging in the Sky

My Midnight Sun

always hears my Cry!

Take advantage of the energy tomorrow.

It will be extremely potent.

Great Fortune

 is going to be abundant

during the 

Full Blue Moon 

Full  Blood Moon


I am  :)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

New Traditions

New Roads

New Places

Such Fun

A Feast was served here.

Best Buffet I've ever had for Thanksgiving.

Smoked Turkey, Prime Rib and Ham

with all the trimmings...

This is the newest State Park in MO.

North of Eminence Missouri on Hwy 19

Echo Bluff State Park

The Bluffs are breath taking.

Wild Horses run free in this area.

A great place to hike.

Chesterfield Missouri

View from 

Double Tree Inn by Hilton

St. Louis Carousel

At Faust Park

This was the real thing!

The Music is from a 

Special 90 year old automatic organ.

Buffalo Trace

Faust Park has preserved so many Old Buildings.

I didn't get any photos of those :(

The Butterfly House

We enjoyed our time off!

I am Thankful for all my Blessings.