Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Boomerangs and The LAST time...

Yes Yes Yes

You get back what you give


My last time

 (to do this and to do that)

has repeated itself

over and over


and MAKE 

time stand still

while you soak up


you get to do that

I go" Into The Great Wide Open " Every Day.

Watch Me Fly!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Fence VS John's Camaro Z 28

Monday Night

January 16th 2017

I talked to Sharp County Sheriff Dept dispatch,

Then I called Fulton County Sheriff dispatch,

Then I called Ash Flat Police Department...

about this matter of a wreck 


damages to my steel fence

that happened between 

7 pm Monday night


7 am Tuesday morning,

Long Story Short

I am waiting on the 

Sharp County Sheriff Department

to get a report made from

the Ash Flat Police Department still.

The Officer at the 

Ash Flat Police Department

Has to talk to his Chief 

about the 

City boundaries

on our road...

I found the Camaro 

around the corner 

from our house

The Steel fence was no match for this Unibody


John called

(he was driving the car) 


 talked to my ChevyMan

He said 

"Everything is tight"


That is good to know.

I am so glad he did not flip this car

in that accident

because these 

Camaro Z 28's 

with T-Tops

have no mercy 

on their 

driver's or passengers

in a rollover accident!

Drive Safe Everyone.