Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

New Traditions

New Roads

New Places

Such Fun

A Feast was served here.

Best Buffet I've ever had for Thanksgiving.

Smoked Turkey, Prime Rib and Ham

with all the trimmings...

This is the newest State Park in MO.

North of Eminence Missouri on Hwy 19

Echo Bluff State Park

The Bluffs are breath taking.

Wild Horses run free in this area.

A great place to hike.

Chesterfield Missouri

View from 

Double Tree Inn by Hilton

St. Louis Carousel

At Faust Park

This was the real thing!

The Music is from a 

Special 90 year old automatic organ.

Buffalo Trace

Faust Park has preserved so many Old Buildings.

I didn't get any photos of those :(

The Butterfly House

We enjoyed our time off!

I am Thankful for all my Blessings.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Plant A Family Tree With Deep Roots

Take Great Care Of Your Family

1 Timothy 5:8

Anyone who does not provide for their relatives,

and especially for their own household,

has denied the Faith

and is worse than an Unbeliever.

My Parents and GrandParents

asked me to take care of them

at their home when the time came

for their turn to take their trip to Heaven.

They were so afraid of the "nursing home".

You died in my arms

Twelve years ago today.

Your fear finally passed

and you made your way home

to your place in Heaven

with everyone you love.

My Daddy begged me

on his death bed

to "please take care of Brenda".

So I did. 

He loved her so much

that he would not pass on

until I told him 

not to worry about Brenda.

My Grandmother did the same

and asked me to take care of Papaw

and when I told her I would,

she passed on in less than an hour!

Time is still passing by

on this big ole Earth

and soon ~ comes too soon.

My sweet husband

knew that my Family needed us

and helped me care for them for years.

We had previously been living

less than a  mile from his parents

for 17 years so

 He could run his Dad's wrecker service

at night and on weekends for him.

We have had the best of times

with our Family all around us.

Take the time to take care of your family.

You will be glad you did!

The Love of Two People

is the reason you exist today.

You were raised with their help

and now it's your turn

to plant those deep roots.

So remember those two people

with Respect and Love

in case you were ever hurt by them.

Their Love was "Their Love"

and NOT

 Your Love and Your Expectations.

I'm certain they Loved you immensely.

Go Home and Love Your Family

While you have that Blessing!

Think of someone other than yourself

and try to walk a mile in their shoes.

Prayers for the Family 

suffering with the diagnosis 

of terminal illness.

Those are the toughest times

when you stare down death

and wait for your trip to Heaven.

God Speed comfort to that Family.

My Wealth 

is my memories 

with my family and friends.

Hugs to you :)

Most of all


and then let


carry you through.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Build it and they will come!

Yes, We have been BUSY!!!

Yes I did tell him that

 his man cave

 aka shop

is bigger than our house!

He just laughed.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Purchasing A New Vehicle? Shop Smart...

We have.

That Race Truck above


this Race Car below.

Mark Martin Chevrolet in Ash Flat


Mark Martin Dodge in Melbourne.

These vehicles add up to $$,$$$.00

That's a lot of money.

Plus, we recommended our Son David 

drive up here from Biloxi 

in August of 2013 and

 buy a Truck he was shopping for from

 Mark Martin Chevrolet in Ash Flat,

 so he did also buy his truck there.


The High Country above wasn't performing well.

A few things I didn't like 


ChevyMan agreed on all the same issues.

We bought it 2 years ago so it was a 2015 leftover.

We traded it in for a 2018 Z71 and I love how it rides.

Much better than that High Country Set Up.

The Challenger has been performing great!

We both agree that Dodge does have the best 

Muscle Cars on the market right now.

We are selling this Challenger

and have our eyes on something else.


We will be customers again for someone


when our customer comes in our shop and tells us 

"you know how mad the dealership is at y'all

for buying your truck somewhere else?"

What a slap in the face!

We do not talk bad about "their" dealership at all.

In fact, we do work on some of their vehicles


try to help them out with

good quality work and the right products

 for  a good price so they can make those repairs


keep those sales affordable to their customers.

We send many of our customers to them for their services!


Financing was great this time around on the Z71.

Dodge also had a great promo when we bought the Challenger.

Be picky where you purchase and get a great Finance Rate.

A lot of people can not afford what these vehicles cost nowadays.

We work hard to enjoy a nice warrantied ride.

Shop smart!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Are You Happy?

I am.

Here are a few things

that are happening

in my days

that make me happy

and these are just a few

so if you ask me 

"How are you doing?"

I will gladly tell you

I'm  Happy!

Meet Trixie 

She won't be feeding those cows anymore

She will retire here at the ranch

Third Queen down the Totem Pole

And She will have Easy Breezy Days to come

In Fact, I see Crusin' the Coast in her future.

Sign me up for a new frame too please!

If Trixie gets to have a huge makeover,

I want one too! haha

These  Worldly Things 

were given to me 

as a blessing from above.

I enjoy my blessings


I hope you enjoy yours too.

That is how "Life" is meant to be.

Remember that not everyone will fight the same battles


Instead of asking 

"Hey, How are you doing?"


"Hey, are you happy?"

I'd love to 

see and hear 

from more 

Happy People.

Enjoy your Blessings!