Friday, November 25, 2016

Arkansas Symphony Orchestra " Pines of Rome"

Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass Band

set the mood

 for the drive to

Little Rock 

The Robinson Center below

Phillip Mann

educated us 

on the

 Acoustical Renovation

at the 

Robinson Center Concert Hall

The Pines of Rome

was spectacular!

Very beautiful performance.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sunday Funday

I did 2 miles


1 Horsepower

Then I did 150 miles


396 Horsepower

I drove the entire way 

Your hand on my leg

Wind in the hair

Just like old times!

We are and have been truly blessed


(You know the brakes aren't good? right??)
(That clunk isn't good careful)
( out for DEER!!!)

Well you didn't scare me Chevy Man

Every vehicle we've owned has had some type of trick to it!


I don't try to drive at night for sure
I can still see good out of my left eye


Holiday Lights arranged


 I am still trying to undizzy myself from this task
I did on Saturday and It's almost Wednesday, geez.

I can take much more of this dizziness!!!

Lots of deer passing through lately

I can barely get a photo of them

They move so fast right now

Super Moon
November 13th 2016

Beaver Moon

Frosty Moon

 Moon Rise

Moon Set

I am ready for Holiday Time!

Well, as ready as I can be...

Have a great week.

Miss ya.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My HUMOROUS Friend the Comic...

The Comic...

Causing lighthearted laughter

Thank You


You NAILED it again


You know...

that humorous account 

of one of our zany

horseback riding expeditions

is a 

side splitting
gut busting
rib tickling
knee slapping


that we should relive!

Whenever you're ready,

let's go...

Oh, and when you are ready to run across that burning bridge,

My Fat butt will be behind you yelling "RUN". 

When we get to the other side,

I'll be there too!

I will gladly help you cross that bridge.

I miss you.

I'm so glad I'm your friend too!

A personal note in such a digital age shows your class!

Love you woman.

Arkansas...The Natural State

Boxley Valley Arkansas

Lost Valley Trail

I had a blast 


last weekend

I love it when 

a friend 

will take the time

to go with me!!!

Of Course I am admiring the scenery


identifying the plants and trees the whole way

The hike is so good for my Cardio

I can't go alone anymore

Doctors orders


I wait until someone will go with me!

This is a scenic turnout 

for Elk Viewing

in Boxley Valley Arkansas

Too hot to see the Elk

after my hike

Only a cow...

Ponca Arkansas Post Office

I went to Steel Creek again

And Jasper Arkansas

Emma's Museum of Junk


Black Sheep BBQ Yellville Arkansas

And then 

Home again Home again

Jiggity Jig...

At the Ranch below.

The Sunrise

with the moon.

I left early this day.

Home at Deer Thirty.

Another AWESOME Day


The Natural State.

I see something new


I find myself still messing up my words


trying to talk to the public all day

in person and on the phone

really causes a struggle

for my brain to send my tongue

the correct word every time.

And then the right eye and neck.

And the ear noises....

No improvement there

but balance is much better.

I avoid a lot of conversation

just because of this handicap.

I am not going to stop the adventures.

If you can handle some 

crazy vocabulary


a slow pace

C'mon let's go...

Anywhere in this Natural State.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall Time Fun With Friends...


 of my favorite places 

on earth...

Lost Valley Trail

Boxley Arkansas

The Elk are here year round.

Buffalo National River

A view of Steel Creek above


The Buffalo National River 


 in October 

My Rat Snake Sunning on a Sunday

A View Of 

L B Access

Harry Alexander Wildlife Management Area 

Hardy Arkansas

(above and below)

Good Times


Good Friends

And that moment when you find the perfect rock!

Thanks Chevy Man!

I'm ready to go again.


Courtesy Of Johnny 

Thanks Johnny!